UCSD Pediatric Resident Book Award Winners

REPORT: Early Childhood Mental Health Services
March 28, 2016
2012 Pediatrician of the Year
August 30, 2016



Jessica Mattox
Aimee Anselm


Jonathan Reiss
Andrew Ligsay


Maggie Kozman
Crystal Doan


Vali Barsan



Treavor Robison


Tina Lu


Matt Weiler, Pat Passarelli


Kimmy Vuong, Katrina Hahn



Drew Barber , Vera Lyubasyuk


Jen Yang








Tara Fleming – strong patient advocate and having a great attitude
Lily Grobman – consummate patient care and all around advocate


Mazen Odish – Excellence in Education (attending teaching conferences and contributing a wealth of knowledge)
Brittany Lyng – Being an Amazing Team Player and Doctor to Tiny Sick Babies


Michael Hazboun – Super Sonic Skills: hardworking, efficient and composed during a very busy time
Meghan Garcia – Exemplary teaching and leadership skills


Ashley Martinez – Helping hand award for constantly helping colleagues in need
Crystal Doan – Community Organizer Extraordinaire

January: Amanda Bogart: Excellence in leadership / Katrina Epperson: Exemplary Team Member

March: Mazen Odish – Takes Initiative to Innovate Patient Care / Sheri Plaisted – Diagnostic Excellence

April: Helen Wang – Leading by Example / Oludare “Dare” Odumade – Thorough Patient Care

May: Vishar Amin – Demonstrating Compassionate Care /Stephanie Guerreri – NICU Extraordinaire

June: Poorvi Patel – Excellence in Clinical Care / Ashley Martinez – Excellence in Medical Student Teaching

July: Samantha Dooley – Outstanding Teamwork / Christine Dehnert – Outstanding Teamwork / Jenny Koo – Outstanding Teamwork

August:  Christine Anterasian – Endurance and Excellence in Intern Mentoring/ Cindy Reynolds – Endurance and Excellence in Intern Mentoring / Poorvi Patel – Endurance and Excellence in Intern Mentoring

October: Jane Rungvivatjarus -Stellar Night Time Attitude and Team Player

November: Austin Weiss, PGY-2 – for conscientious patient care

January: Ruth Siew: Excellent Coordination during Recruitment Season / Yvette Wang: Excellent Coordination during Recruitment Season

March: Don Nguyen: Performance Under Pressure / Tina Kantharia: Diligent Work Ethic.

June: Damian Ng, MD: Thirsty for Knowledge/ Peter Guyon, MD : Renaissance Man.

July: Annie Tan – “Exceptional Patient Care” / Tina Lu – “All-Star Resident”

August: Cindy Reynolds: Above and Beyond Team Player

September: Zephyr Dworsky for Striving For Excellence for trying to improve the resident experience on wards. / Michele Wang for Epic Guru for volunteering to be our point person/leader for all IT issues.

October: Dr. Solomon Greenberg: Teaching Excellence / Dr. Jenny Koo: Extraordinary Child Advocate

November: Tom Carberry and Kaelan Davis for “Exceptional and Efficient Patient Care” while on wards.

December: Vanessa Scott – for Superior Support of his/her Colleagues / Vishar Amin – for Superior Support of his/her Colleugues

September: Dr. Peter Guyon: For stepping in to the intern role in an outstanding manner / Dr. Christine Dehnert: Excelling during inpatient wards and NICU

August: Mazen Odish: Superior Support during Nights / Addison Cuneo: Excellent Communication with Families

July: Begem Lee, MD for “Promoting Education in the Clinical Setting” / Mackenzie Coffin, MD for “Exceptional Patient Care during Nights”

May: Christine Rukasin – Rising Leadership / Damian Ng – Above and Beyond

April:  Andrew Renuart – Diligent patient Care / Diana Moke – Critical Care

March: Vanessa Scott – Patient Advocacy / Andrei Fodoreanu – Team Spirit

February:  Dr. Megan Garcia for Compassionate Patient Care / Dr. Jane Bugea for Rapid Response Diagnostician

January: Don Nguyen, Performance Under Pressure / Tina Kantharia, Diligent Work Ethic.

October:  Lauren Steele for newborn care and medical student education /Sri Grevich for leadership and teaching

July:Nicole Bendin for dedication to resident education; Mazen Odish for Dedication to patient care

June: Shirin Alonzo for Dedication to Medication Student Education; Callie Rzasa for Dedication to Medication Student Education

April: Dr. Constance Chace – Great Patient Care with a Superstar Attitude; Dr. Curtis Leong – Thorough, Responsible Patient Care

December: Whitney Law (Exceptional Emergency Room Care) and Jess Gordon (Outstanding Patient and Family Support)

November: Kate Scott (Dedication to Program Recruitment) and Sam Lewis (Excellence in Critical Care and Procedural Skills)

October: Nicole Yamada (Tireless work on the Hematology‐Oncology and the Ward services) and
Steve Reeves (For his model leadership skills in the NICU)

September: Jacob Gregerson (Demonstrating clear independence during difficult situations) and Eric
Reed (Dedication to improving all aspects of the residency program)

August: Ricardo Indacochea for his excellent team work and Kevin O’Leary for handling a rough
call night with patience and great patient care.

July: Megan Browning, for her leadership in challenging situations, and Amanda Terry, for
compassion and dedication to patient care.

April: Amira Baker (intern) ‐ for willingness to help others, Sam Lewis (2nd year) ‐ for dedication
to the residency program and Tina Udaka (2nd year) ‐ for dedication to patient care

March: Jeff Gold and Chuck Gabbert

February: Annemarie Selaya and Ben Dillon

January: Megan Browning and Sona Rao

December: Matt Williams and Jen Yu

November: Nicole Hibbs PL3 ‐ Outstanding senior resident, dedication to patient care and teaching & Steve Reeves PL2 ‐ Dedication to patient care, enthusiasm for learningOctober: Gabe Vaughn PL2 ‐ dedication to patient care & Payam Vali PL3 ‐ Teamwork, dedication to teaching and patient care

September: Shannon Metzger PL3 ‐ dedication to patient care, teaching and Jessica Gordon PL2‐ dedication to patient care

August: Micah Bhatti ‐ for dedication to patient care and leadership as the night cross cover senior resident & Monique Mayo ‐ for willingness to help others & dedication to patient care

July: Steve Reeves ‐ for dedication to inpatient care and communication & Nicole Hibbs for leadership as a senior resident on the wards

June: Lauren Worth (Compassionate Care) and Jessica Dayan (Compassionate Care)

May: Kathryn Akong (Leadership on Wards) and Payam Vali (Excellence in Research)

April: Christopher Sullivan (Leadership on Wards) and Lori Broderick (Excellence in Research)

March: Nidhi Goyal ‐ Motivation and Excellence & Helen Harvey ‐ Leadership and Teaching

February: Jennie Fuller & Loren Sacks. Jennifer Fuller (PL3) for her leadership and organizational skills in NICU. Jennie went above and beyond the call of duty by creating a “cheat sheet” for all of the interns in the NICU giving them vital information at a glance. Loren Sacks (PL2) for his commitment to the well‐being of the residency program. Loren and (Grant Keeney) worked countless hours to assure that the intern selection process ran smoothly. He personally called applicants and organized a social gathering for prospective applicants.

January: Sofia Moreno ‐ Leadership and teaching on wards. Jeff Gold ‐ Enthusiasm and dedication to his patients and profession. Grant Keeney ‐ Behind the scenes IT work.