Behavioral & Mental Health

Healthy Development Services (HDS)
August 31, 2016

Vista Hill’s SmartCare Behavioral Health Consultation Services (BHCS) provides real time access to psychiatric/behavioral health treatment consultation for

providers and designated clinical staff treating pediatric patients. Services provided by BHCS are funded by the County of San Diego and are free of charge to providers and families. BHCS offers each provider behavioral health and psychiatric consultation services that best meet the provider’s needs including psychotropic medication and behavioral health consultation and direct linkage to ongoing behavioral health care support resources.

Vista Hill’s consultation services are provided by the multidisciplinary team including Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Behavioral Health Consultants, Educators and Parent Partners. It enhances local capacity to provide mental health care within the pediatric medical home context and provide referrals to resources available in the community using a telemedicine model.