Healthy Development Services

First 5 San Diego’s Healthy Development Services (HDS) is a countywide system of care that promotes children’s optimal development and learning by identifying and providing support early.


HDS provides services to children birth through five years old with mild to moderate development and behavior needs who reside in San Diego County, and their caregivers. Children are eligible for services until the time they enter kindergarten or reach their sixth birthday, whichever occurs first. 

Health care providers and other relevant service providers are also targeted for outreach, and education.


  • Developmental check ups, classes, parent coaching, and therapy, including Speech and Language services
  • Behavioral check ups, parent coaching and therapy
  • Care Coordination for families engaged in HDS services

These services are targeted to children with mild to moderate needs, with the intent of providing help for children who otherwise would not receive the care that they need.

The main purpose of Healthy Development Services is to ensure that children’s developmental and behavioral needs are met early so they can enter school ready to learn and thrive. HDS aims to ensure:

  • Children are born healthy and stay healthy;
  • Children have access to preventative and comprehensive health services;
  • Families have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to promote their children’s optimal health;
  • Children are socially and emotionally healthy;
  • Children are cognitively developing appropriately;
  • Families have the knowledge and skills they need to support their children’s learning and social-emotional health;
  • Communities have adequate capacity that is effective, coordinated, integrated and sustainable; and
  • Families have access to culturally and linguistically responsive services.



The American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 3 is the countywide coordinator for the HDS program. AAP-CA3 is dedicated to achieving optimal health (physical, mental and social) for all children (infants, children, and adolescents) in San Diego and Imperial Counties, and is dedicated to supporting its’ membership in achieving this vision. 

Healthy Development Services is funded by the First 5 Commission of San Diego.  First 5 San Diego leads the San Diego community in promoting the vital importance of the first five years of life to the well-being of children, families and society.  Its goal is to strengthen the relationships essential for the healthy development of young children.  These relationships are embedded in health, learning, family, and community settings or environments.


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