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Teen Safe Driving – Resources for Parents
September 7, 2016
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September 9, 2016


Did you know that car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the US?

  • 7 teens die every day in collisions
  • 2/3 of teen passengers who die are with teen drivers

What puts teen drivers at risk?

  • Inexperience
  • Impaired Driving
  • Night driving
  • Lack of Seatbelts used
  • Driving with other teens
  • Distractions

What works to protect teen drivers?

  • Strong Provisional Driver’s Licenses decrease fatal crashes by 20%
  • Uses of seat belts could decrease fatalities by 45%
  • Limiting teens access to alcohol

California has had a Provisional Driver’s License in place with modifications since 1997 (Brady-Jared Teen Driver Safety Act). This has undoubtedly saved many lives but could be stronger:

  • Night driving limits should be expanded (currently 11 PM-5 AM) since most collisions happen between 9 PM and 12 midnight
  • Increase the age for obtaining a Learner’s Permit to 16. This increased age for a permit and subsequent license will allow for a more mature driver
  • Increase teen passenger restrictions to 18 years of age. Currently, teen drivers have no teen passengers for 1st year. One option would be limit to one teen passenger until 18.
  • Consider Provisional Driver’s License for those 18-20. Many teens now wait until they are 18 to get a license to avoid having any restrictions.

Restrict access to alcohol & reinforce dangers of use:

  • 24% of High School Juniors in California have driven after drinking or ridden with a driver who had been drinking

Engage parents in the process:

  • Parents are the primary role model for driving and also, the ones who set the rules for driving access