Officers & Committees

Michelle Dern, M.D., F.A.A.P


Scripps Coastal

Nathan McFarland, MD, FAAP


Neighborhood Healthcare

Liza Suh, MD, FAAP


Kaiser Permanente, San Diego

Christine L. Johnson, MD


Naval Medical Center San Diego Pediatrics

Meredith Kennedy, MPH

Executive Director

Marsha Spitzer, MD, FAAP

Past President

Family Health Centers of San Diego

AAP-CA3 Chapter Advisory Committee Chairs

If you are interesting in any of the committees below,
please email the chair listed or Meredith Kennedy, MPH, Chapter Executive Director
for meeting times/dates or for more information.

Breastfeeding Co-Coordinators – Nancy Wight, MD & Michelle Leff, MD
Chapter Asthma Champion (Nat’l AAP) – Susan Laubach, MD
Chapter CATCH Co-Facilitator – Lase Ajayi, MD
Chapter CATCH Co-Facilitator – Emily Fletcher, MD
Children with Disabilities Chair – Joan Reese, MD
Developmental Behavioral Peds Committee Co-Chair – Pradeep Gidwani, MD, MPH
Developmental Behavioral Peds Committee Co-Chair – Yi Hui Liu, MD
Early Career Physician Rep/Adolescent Health Chair – Maya Kumar, MD
Early Childhood Champion – Michelle Leff, MD
Early Hearing Detection Initiative Chapter Representative (Nat’l AAP) – Daniela Carvalho, MD
Early Hearing Detection Initiative Chapter Representative – Dori Moritmer, MD
Epidemiology & Immunization Services Branch, HHSA – Eric MacDonald, MD

HDS/HV Medical Director, Past President – Pradeep Gidwani, MD, MPH
Infectious Disease Chair – Eyla Boies, MD
International Health Chair – vacant
Mental Health (SDACAP) Liaison – Mark Chenven, MD
Newborn Nursery – Lisa Stellwagen, MD
Oral Health Advocate, Share the Care – Nancy Graff, MD
Pediatric Chief Residents – Pediatric Chief
Resident Program Delegate, Resident Rep – Sejal Parekh, MD
Safety/Injury Prevention – Margaret Nguyen, MD
School Health Co-Chair – James Murphy, MD
School Health Co-Chair – Sharon Sternfeld, MD
State Gov’t Affairs (SGA) Co-Chair/Nat’l AAP SGA – Nancy Graff, MD
State Government Affairs Co-Chair –Wendy Hunter, MD