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May 18, 2022
AAP-CA3 Fundraiser Dinner Benefitting Reach Out And Read San Diego
June 7, 2022

Supporting the LGBTQIA+ Community Year-Round

AAP-CA3 believes in supporting, caring for, and affirming LGBTQIA+ children and families year-round. Here are some ways our community can get involved as well:

Diverse & Inclusive Reading List

AAP-CA3’s Reach Out and Read San Diego program is dedicated to providing diverse and inclusive books to all children during well-visits. We provide books that include LGBTQ+ characters, especially as main characters; are written or illustrated by an LGBTQ+ person; and ensure storylines do not simply repeat the same stories that are always told. Reach Out and Read has put together a Reading List to get started.

Speaking Up

We can speak up for LGBTQIA+ youth across the country by supporting the National American Academy of Pediatrics in addition to the chapters within each state, especially those where policymakers are enacting and advancing policies that will directly harm the LGBTQIA+ community:

Texas Threatens Health of Transgender Youth

National AAP along with local AAP chapters came together to speak out against the Texas government’s efforts to criminalize gender-affirming care where Governor Abbott directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and other state agencies to investigate certain gender-affirming services as child abuse.

Florida Department of Health Guidelines on Gender-Affirming Care

The Florida Chapter of the AAP also recently spoke out against the Florida Department of Health advising against the provision of gender-affirming healthcare for children and adolescents.

Supporting Local Organizations

We can all work together to ensure our LGBTQIA+ youth are safe and have access to the quality healthcare they deserve. We will continue to speak up for queer youth in our community while supporting those doing the work across the country.