Sex, Drugs & Rock’N’Roll Lecture Series August 18, 2021

A Tale of 60 Years
July 2, 2021
Climate Change & Children’s Health
September 1, 2021

AAP-CA3 Chapter Town Halls 2021 Event
August 18, 2021 6:30-8pm Via Zoom
Adolescent Health Event in the Sex, Drugs, & Rock N’ Roll Series

Menstrual Madness! Practical Management Tips for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea, and Heavy Periods in Adolescents


Did you miss the event?  CME closes 8/30/21, but you can still watch the presentations and view the slides.

View this AAP-CA3 Adolescent Health Town Hall recording here


Speaker Slides:

Dr. Maya Kumar- Stemming the Crimson Tide: Management of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Dr. Maya Kumar- Period Poverty

Dr. Elizabeth Cius- Dysmenorrhea

Dr. Kanani Titchen- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:  Evaluation & Treatment