ACEs: Events & Training

ACEs Aware – Registration Link

Wednesday, April 28th (12 PM – 1 PM) “Racism and Discrimination as Risk Factors for Toxic Stress” (Register Here)

PACEs Connection

National AAP

California ACEs Academy (Academy on Violence and Abuse) – Registration Link

  • April 22nd Robert Sege, MD – Balancing ACEs with HOPE: Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences

Center for Youth Wellness Trainings –Registration Link:

  • Course 1:  ACEs: The Science & Foundational Framework CME Credits Available!
  • Course 2: Developing a Plan for ACEs Screening Implementation
  • Course 3: Preparing Your Practice for ACEs Screening
  • Course 4: Best Practices for Communicating About ACEs and Empowering Families to Change (Coming Soon)

Healthy Outcomes From Positive Experiences

  • April 28th (11 AM – 12 PM) “Using Positive Childhood Experiences to Foster HOPE” (Register Here)

Primary Care Development Corporation

  • May 6th (10 AM) “What about Us? A Discussion with and for Healthcare Providers” (Register Here)

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

  • May 12th (12 PM-1PM) “ACEs Aware: Using the Seven Domains of Wellness in Your Practice” (Register Here)

Virtual Conferences

  • Tuesday, April 27 – Friday, April 30 – National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence (Register Here)
  • August 10-12th “Transforming Our Tomorrow: 2021 Virtual Conference” (Register Here)
September Webinar Highlights
September Webinar Highlights – Karen Johnson

August - Pradeep Gidwani
August Webinar Highlights – Pradeep Gidwani
August - Hilary Bowers
August Webinar Highlights – Hilary Bowers

ACEs Aware

PACEs Connection

National AAP

AAP Trauma and Resilience ECHO – Focuses on Trauma Presentation and Trauma Response (not ACE screening specifically), Registration Link

  • Level 1 Cohort 12: Wednesdays at 1 PM (PT) Starts 1/31/21 for 6 weeks (Meets weekly)

New Jersey Chapter, AAP

Center for Youth Wellness

  • Course 1 – ACEs: The Science & Foundational Framework
  • Course 2 – Implementing ACEs Screening in Clinical Practice
  • The Connection between Asthma and Toxic Stress: Insights from the National Committee on Asthma and Toxic Stress (presented 5/12/2020 – recorded and be available archived)

Healthy Outcomes From Positive Experiences

  • April 9th (11 AM – 6 PM) “Spreading HOPE – the First Annual HOPE Summit” (Register Here)

“A Better Normal” Webinar Series.

  • “Can universal ACEs screening be equitable? Concerns and solutions” Episode 52 featuring Dr. R.J. Gillespie

California ACEs Academy (Academy on Violence and Abuse)

  • November 19th 12:00 PM PDT – Sharon Cooper, MD – Systemic Racism as an ACE
  • February 18th – Panel Discussion: What Happens After ACEs Screening? Effective Clinical Response & Community Partnership
  • March 18th – Panel Discussion: Spiritual Aspects of Maltreatment, Prevention of ACEs and Corporal Punishment
  • Wednesday, March 24th (12 PM – 1 PM) “Cultural and Racial Differences in Understanding and Responding to Adversity, Trauma, Resilience and Healing” (Register Here)
  • April 8th Kathy Franchek, MD  – Impact of Childhood Exposure to IPV and other ACEs on Health and Well-being Throughout the Lifespan

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

  • December 2nd 12:00 PM (PDT) – Karissa Luckett, RN, BSN, MSW – ACEs Screening Best Practices for Pediatricians Registration Link

Virtual Conferences

  • February 25th – Birth of Brilliance: Challenging Us to Create Racial Equity in Early Childhood (Register Here)
  • March 5th and March 12th Steven J. Parker Memorial Developmental – Behavioral Pediatric Conference (Register Here)
  • March 8th and March 11th – 44th Annual Melvin L. Cohen, MD Pediatric Update Conference (Register Here)
  • March 10 (1:30 – 4 PM) – ACEs and Trauma Informed Care for the Primary Care Office (Register Here)
  • March 19th CICAMH (Critical Issues in Child and Adolescent Mental Health) (Register Here)
  • March 22nd (1:15 – 4:30 PM) – Healing and Easing Depression: Using the Change Triangle and the Transformational Power of Core Emotions (Register Here)


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