Pediatricians Across California Unite To Call For Urgent And Safe Reopening Of Schools

CA pediatricians say students can safely return to the classroom.

Reopening schools across the state is a priority for Governor Newsom but some school districts and teachers are still pushing back on being in the classroom during the pandemic. Most people agree that kids need to be in school but it’s how to get that done that’s a source of contention between the Governor and some teachers but today the Governor found a new ally.

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KPBS Evening Edition – February 10th 2021

New evidence, new images of the deadly rioting at the U.S. Capitol. This as Democrats make an emotional case to impeach former President Donald Trump again. Plus, the new movement to get kids back in school. Who’s lending their support, and voices to make it happen. And we take an in-depth look at the vaccination process here in our county. Where are we when it comes to reaching the goal of getting the shots people need?

Pediatricians: Pandemic causing increased rates of childhood obesity

Pediatricians across the nation have seen how the pandemic has affected children’s mental health. But they are also seeing alarming trends in their physical health. They say there is a growing number of children becoming obese.

Doctors Cite Harm to Children Shut Out of School

Pediatricians across san Diego County say they are deeply trou­bled by what they see school closures doing to children.

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Students Should be on Campus. Time for Online Learning to End.

Locally, the San Diego Unified School District made the decision to close all of its schools effective the following day to “prevent the spread of coronavirus” on March 15. A wave of school closings ensued, starting in small pockets and spreading nationwide from pre-school all the way through our colleges and universities.

Read the entire Op-Ed, written by Janet Crow, a clinical professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego.